Please note that the age restrictions and minimum requirements for practice at our track are as below:

Bambino - From 5 years, 9 months.
Cadet - From 6 years old. Appropriate Class weight rules apply.
Juniors - From 10 years old. Appropriate Restrictor and Class weight rules apply.
Seniors - From 16 years old. Appropriate Restrictor and Class weight rules apply.

A Junior driver who already has a Full National B MSA Licence may practice Senior Class in year of 16th Birthday.

Beginner Drivers 
All drivers under 8 years of age require to be assessed by an ARKS Instructor prior to being allowed access to the race circuit. An approved list will be maintained showing those who have attained the required standard.

All equipment including personal equipment must meet MSA safety requirements.
Beginner drivers for the first few visits to WSKC may be run in separate group sessions by class or MSA box structure, until such times as it is felt they can safely practice in their normal class session. This decision will be made by the senior marshal who will also have the authority to remove drivers from normal sessions and return them to beginner sessions if it felt they pose a possible safety issue.

These sessions will be limited to 5 minutes when practice requirements are busy.
All drivers must run black Novice plates with white numbers to the front and rear until they have obtained required signatures to upgrade to Full National B Licence.

All drivers must have passed an ARKS test before being allowed to practice on race weekend practice days.

Although we allow most types of kart to practice at WSKC, not every Cadet, Junior and Senior class races here. We strongly recommend that those intending to practice and race at our club choose a well supported kart class to join. The classes are listed in order of popularity as follows:

Bambino - From 5 years, 9 months

Uses a 2 stroke, Comer C50 engine which is ideal for beginners and easy to maintain. Current MSA Regulations require a 10mm restrictor and 85 tooth sprocket to be fitted. The only competition allowed is time trials, and only after an ARKS Instructor or Examiner has certified that the youngster is safe to take part.

Honda and Bluebird engines are also available but are not recognised for MSA or Bambino Kart Club Events.

Cadets - from 8 to 13 years old

Honda Cadet
Uses a 4 stroke, GX160 engine which is ideal for beginners. The long life engines are very low-cost, do not have to be sealed, but have to conform to a technical specification. Honda Cadet has a national ABkC championship.

Comer Cadet
Uses a 60cc sealed 2-stroke Comer engine so engine rebuilds have to be carried out by an approved service agent.  This is the class used for the premier championships and is run by most clubs. The engine and carburettor adjustments need to be quite precise so having a competent parent/mechanic is a distinct advantage!

Juniors – from 11, 12 or 13 to 17 (depending on class)

Formula Junior Blue (11 to 17 yrs)
Uses the water cooled, Parilla Lynx, reed valve, two stroke engine fitted with standard Tillotson carburettor. A restrictor is fitted in relation to the driver weight to adjust power output. The same engines can be used for both the Junior and Senior classes. This class runs very sticky tyres for high speed cornering.

Junior TKM (11-17 yrs)
Uses an air cooled, BT-82 piston-port engine to a strict non-tuning regime. The engines have a restrictor between the carburettor and the engine to limit the power. There are larger restrictors for the bigger or heavier drivers.

Rotax Junior Max (age 13 to 31st December in year of 17th birthday)
Uses the Rotax, 125cc, water cooled engine capable of speeds in excess of 70m.p.h.
This class also runs very sticky tyres.

Rotax Mini Max (11 to 31st December in year of 17th birthday)
Is the lowest powered class of the Rotax family and uses a very restricted 125cc 2-stroke TAG engine. All Rotax engines are sealed and have a log book.

Seniors – from 16 upwards

Senior Blue
Uses the water cooled, Parilla Lynx Reed Valve two stroke engine fitted with standard Tillotson carburettor. A restrictor is fitted in relation to the driver weight to adjust power output. The class runs with very sticky tyres.

Rotax Max
Uses a very powerful Rotax, 125cc TAG engine.  The maximum revs are limited electronically and are sealed to prevent unapproved tuning.  Care needs to be taken if starting in this class.  Like many classes there is a higher weight variant called Rotax 177 for the heavier driver.

World Formula
Uses a Briggs & Stratton, sealed and rev-limited, air cooled, engine.

TKM Extreme
Uses a115cc variant of the BT82.  As with the Juniors the chassis have to be registered, and new designs are only permitted every three years, to keep costs down.

Further information on kart classes and starting karting is at www.abkc.org.uk/StartKartingP1.htm

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