Code of conduct

Karting with the WSKC is an activity that all are welcome to join in with. The open and friendly environment in the paddock is a key part of the karting experience and the safety and enjoyment of all is our priority. We hope that we can provide a guide on the points drivers and parents should follow while karting and we hope this provides a useful guide to newcomers. 


It is important that drivers have reached a sufficient standard of driving before they can join an open practice session. We do this to ensure the safety of all competitors on track and to give new drivers the chance to learn the basics of kart control in their own time. We are more than happy to arrange practice days outside of the existing schedule and help arrange tutoring if required. 

When a driver has got to the stage of participating in an open practice day, it is important to remember that there will still be a difference in ability across all participants. We always encourage hard driving on track but it is always worth being considerate and ensuring that other drivers are also able to maximise their experience throughout the practice day as well. Excessive blocking or dangerous overtakes on a practice day can only disadvantage those involved and could end up cutting your own day short if you damage your kart! 

The staff on site are there for your enjoyment and safety so please speak to one of us if you have any issues or would like to ask us any questions. While you are on track, the staff may try to communicate with you through a series of flags. It is very important to follow the instruction associated with this flag when you see it as they staff are specifically looking out for driver safety in these situations. If the staff want to speak to you while you are off track regarding any safety issues, please remember that, again, we are looking out for everyone’s safety and want to make sure your experience is pleasant. 

Karting is a very social activity so make sure you speak to your competitors as they will more than likely become your friends as well! It is always important to be respectful of your fellow drivers, even if you feel like you have been unfairly treated. As the staff are responsible for your safety and enjoyment, please come to us if you have any issues and we will arrange to most appropriate solution. 


As a parent of a young driver, you will get to experience all the same highs and lows in motorsport as your driver will as you will be with them along the journey. While the driver’s job is primarily to drive, the parent’s role often takes on many facets. This may include mechanic, personal trainer, driving coach and logistical manager, among many other roles! Primarily though, ensuring your young driver is having a good time is paramount. Karting for young drivers is meant to be fun and if it isn’t, that is where mistakes can happen so make sure to be as supportive of your driver as you can and not force them to participate if they don’t want to. 

Just like with the drivers, the staff are here to make sure your experience is as safe and enjoyable as possible so if any issues arise, please don’t hesitate to speak to us and we will find the best way to proceed. We may at times want to speak with you regarding safety issues. Please remember that we are looking out for all drivers and parents, and our goal is to maintain a friendly and safe environment. The staff are also here to help guide you if you are new to the sport, so if you are just looking for some advice, please reach out to us. In the even that we can’t help you directly, we will probably know someone who can! 

A lot of the issues that can be experienced while karting can be avoided with proper preparation. Learning to maintain your kart is time well spent and it will mean you are able maximise the many hours you are likely to spend at Larkhall Circuit on the circuit. We have always found that people in the paddock are very supportive of new drivers and are likely to provide you with hints and tips when you are setting out on your racing activities. It is not just the young drivers who end up making friends for life while karting so make sure to maximise your own experience while you are here. 

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