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Junior TKM (11-17 yrs)

Uses an air cooled, BT-82 piston-port engine to a strict non-tuning regime. The engines have a restrictor between the carburettor and the engine to limit the power. There are larger restrictors for the bigger or heavier drivers. Weight limit for kart and driver is from 123kg. The class is not well supported at WSKC, but seems to be undergoing a revival further south.

Rotax Mini Max (11 to 31st December in year of 17th birthday)

Is the lowest powered class of the Rotax family and uses a very restricted 125cc 2-stroke TAG engine. All Rotax engines are sealed and have a log book. Weight limit for kart and driver is 135kg.

Rotax Junior Max (age 13 to 31st December in year of 17th birthday)

Uses the Rotax, 125cc, water cooled engine capable of speeds in excess of 70m.p.h. This class also runs very sticky tyres. Weight limit for kart and driver is 148kg.

Junior X30 (Year of 13th Birthday to the 31st December of the year of 17th Birthday)

The class is for the IAME X30 engine with an exhaust restrictor. It is a 2 stroke engine supplied with electric starter, 16,000 rev limit and centrifugal clutch. The class runs with a high grip tyre. Weight limit for kart and driver is 148kg with a driver minimum of 41kg.


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