Dear Racers & Members,


Please see the attached guidance from Motorsport UK, food will be available from the Kart Republic Café and they have strict procedures in place to ensure your safety and theirs.


Judicial -Protests can be lodged during the Race Day to – follow Motorsport UK guidance on how to do this.


Judicial & Notice Board – Some useful information ahead of the event: The stewards will be located in the Kart Republic Café – access to the Stewards area will be via the Womens toilet stairs at the side – You should press the door bell which will be sign posted and wait to be called in by one of the Stewards, the Child Safeguarding Officer will be located in this area also. To enter the Kart Republic Café wither it be for Food or for a visit to the stewards you must do so wearing a mask as is mandated by the Scottish Government, this will include areas like the Race Results/notice board which will be in the old Stewards room waiting area 1 in 1 out please!!


Restircted Areas – On Race day access to and from the dummy grid and parc ferme will be staffed (there will be a sanitisation station here also) – no mask or helmet on? Means no access! You will be sent away to get a mask before being allowed access to these busy area’s – Racing will not stop or wait for you to get your mask either! So planning ahead is really important. Please do not abuse our volunteers if they send you away! Abuse will not be tolerated and will result in a referral to the Stewards and a likely send home. Only enter the scrutineering bay on invite by the scrutineers – weighing is available on the Saturday and 3lap practice – no access after this unless requested by the Scrutineers.


ONLY – 1 mechanic/assistant & 1 driver permitted in parc ferme and the dummy grid.


Signing- On – You MUST – sign on using the links emailed to you for Alpha, 1 for the Saturday (WSKC Insurance) and 1 for the Sunday (Motorsport UK Insurance). The club will not have transponders available for hire in July – Larkhall Circuit may have some it is worth asking in advance at however it’s a good investment to have your own! Please email transponder numbers to before next Friday if you havent entered online.


SCRUTINEERING – This one has a lot of people confused, will there be scrutineering? In a word YES – Eligibility only. Safety Scrutineering is going to be a self declaration with advice available from The Scrutineering team. You must complete your Motorsport UK garage online and submit your Scrutineering kart online ahead of the event, Need to make a change? This is fine go and see the Scrutineering team on the Sunday morning with the relevant information and they have access to update this for you. If you do not complete your scrutineering online, you cannot race! – It is worth logging on to the entry system just now to check you have no issues! If you do drop me an email/call and I will do my best to help but if you leave it to last minute theres no guarantee we can fix it in time.


Race Day Programmes – All will be online! –  Under RACE then RACE DAY PROGRAMME JULY 2020

Saturday Practice Schedule – Issued by Email and on the website under RACE then SATURDAY PRACTICE SCHEDULE


Who can I bring with me? – 2 supporting personnel per entrant – It is the entrant/PG licence holders responsibility to obtain information of anyone they bring with them, this is to aid in track and trace. Feel ill or go home due to showing symptoms? Show symptoms within 7 days of attending the track? Please let us know – please email and let us know as much information as possible including area’s you have been at the venue/people you come into close contact with etc..


Team Managers – You must collate the following and hand it into race control preferrably by email but I will accept a paper copy from team managers – personnel working for you (full name), their address & contact number. You must lodge this with Race control before the start of the race meeting. (email is


Pit Bays – These are through Larkhall Circuit, £60.00 inc vat – they include power, a tarmac bay with anchor points – all booked online at – Free parking is available but does not include the above. Marshals and Officials please park in the car parking area opposite the Kart Republic Café unless you contact WSKC in advance to declare motability issues.


Entries close – 12th July 2020 at midnight, these must be paid online in full ahead of the closing date and time.


Regulations – The latest approved Club regulations from Motorsport UK are on the website and coincide with the MSUK Blue and Gold books.


Enter here:  (this link works for submitting Scrutineering etc also).


More information will follow later next week, please sign on for the event as soon as possible, there is no manual signing on available everything must be done online, do not leave it to the last minute, reminders will be issued daily to all entrants until these procedures have be done.


It is your responsibility as the entrant/competitor to ensure this process is followed and done, WSKC accept no liability for failure to follow this, these processes are required due to COVID-19 to allow us to get back racing.


Hope to see you at the track very soon, I will be at the venue Friday most of the day setting up and may be unavailable on the phone until the evening. And remember, if it has a roof, put a face covering on!

Our 2023 information will be released soon.

Check back here!