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WSKC IKR Takes over the WSKC Club Championship

Dear Racers,

The committee met tonight to discuss the future of the 2020 Club Championship.

Following reviewing feedback from the consultation issued to members a few days ago, it has become clear people want a safe and competitive Championship to attend, run to the high standards of regulation we have come to find from Motorsport UK run events. The Championship is now the WSKC-IKR Club Championship 2020.


The WSKC committee have decided following the feedback we will now run the WSKC Club Championship as an IKR series, IKR means we regulate and insure these events ourselves which we have run in the past and continue to have the appropriate cover to do so. I attach the provisionally updated regulations, these still require some work but please note the events going forward will reference Motorsport UK or MSUK but we are not governed or regulated by them for WSKC IKR events.


We want to reassure you that these events will run to the same regulations and standards as you have always come to expect but we have some important information to clarify:

  1. The event will reference MSUK rules and regulations but is governed solely by WSKC IKR (the new title for our series run by the same people who run WSKC)
  2. You do not require an MSUK licence to enter but to count in the Club Championship you must have a valid WSKC Membership. – If the system asks for a Licence number please enter the 6 digit version of your date of birth e.g. Born: 28th January 2010 would be 280110
  3. There will be no Stewards, instead the Clerk of the Courses decision is final, the Chief Scrutineer and the Eligibility Scrutineer will form a Judge of Fact panel whose decision will be final.
  4. We will run to the same regulations as the Kart Gold Book and Blue Book – this means same tyres, same engines etc.. as you have come to expect and the same checks!
  5. We will continue to run closed doors on Race Days as per government requirements
  6. Points from Round 1 will continue to count in the Championship as the rules and regulations are the same, just the insurer is now us and the governing body also us, utilising the same punishments meaning it is fair to count March as Round 1 in the series.
  7. Costs remain the same, we will provide the exact same medical cover as you have come to expect as well as using Officials who are used to running MSUK events but with the intelligence to be able to use discretion to enhance an events running.
  8. COVID-19 has greatly affected us all and it is likely other than Test Race Days Motorsport UK sanctioned events in Scotland are unlikely to return until late September/October, we still plan to run the Scottish Championships as a Motorsport UK sanctioned event. WSKC IKR will have a designated COVID-19 Marshal at the event.
  9. The main reason for these changes is all our sister clubs in Scotland continue to run as IKR Championships as does events like Stock cars.
  10. You should still supply your own Transponder – Larkhall Circuit sometimes have some available for hire – call the team on 01698 909808 – Pit bays can be booked with Larkhall Circuit:
  11. We still require you to stick to 1 entrant plus 2 persons, this allows us to log full track and trace and you must enter these details during the signing on process, anyone not declared on these may be asked to leave the venue.
  12. Novice Drivers – You will be counted as a novice for your first 5 events (MSUK signatures accepted as proof of participation in events) before you will be classed as a non-novice – please send links to proof of this to if you are a MSUK novice but not an IKR.
  13. Bambinos will continue as Time Trial as per Round 1, we discussed changing to Race however as Round 1 ran as Time Trial it was felt best to keep it this way for the remainder of 2020.


Please rest assured this event will run like the March and July 2020 events and to the same rules however under the new WSKC IKR Banner, we hope you will support the club and we look forward to Welcoming you next weekend.


Closing date for entries is 11th August 2020 @ 6pm – Entries and payment must be made online and scrutineering must also be done online.


If you have any issues with the process please call myself on the number below.


Kind Regards,


Michael Smith

07976 492 512