ARKS test can be carried out on normal practice day by booking appointment with ARKS Instructor 



ARKS Test Checklist & Flags

First step initially is to begin practicing at WSKC @ Larkhall Circuit. The track guide below has some basic driving tips for getting started while the new extended Larkhall Circuit has some extra corners featured in the You Tube links below.

WSKC Intro


BKC 2019 @ WSKC Larkhall Circuit–6smQALObMR

To obtain a MS UK competition licence the first step is to apply for an ARKS starter pack which includes cost of first licence and training video to help learn flag signals and race procedures to prepare you for your first event.


It is recommended to have a few practice days to get used to your Kart and equipment and improve Race lines etc before sitting the ARKS test which has a short driving assessment with 10% target laptime and a multiple choice written test based on the flag signals and race produces to ensure you are prepared for your first Race.


Black Novice plates with white numbers should be fitted to Kart and check your Kart and safety equipment complied with the MS UK / CIK Homologation regulations as well as minimum weight etc.

Our 2023 information will be released soon.

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