Racing with the WSKC

For a driver, race weekends are the best weekends of the year! The WSKC host a competitive calendar of racing across the year and focus on bringing maximum enjoyment to drivers at each meeting. A race weekend consist of a full practice day on the Saturday followed by a full day racing on the Sunday. Full race weekends are priced at £140 per driver.

The format of the race days is different for each class.

Bambino – The WSKC bambino class follows a racing format instead of a time trial format. There is a timed qualifying session which is then followed by three races throughout the day, with the grid positions being based on the qualifying results. All Bambino races are a standing start.

Cadet – The WSKC cadet class will have three heats and a final. The grid positions for the Cadet heats are determined by an algorithm which will give each driver a grid position near the front, middle and back over the course of the day. The final grid positions are determined by the points accumulated over the heats. All Cadet races are standing starts.

Mini/Junior/Senior – These classes have three heats and a final with the same strategized grid positions as the cadet class has in the heats. The mean difference is that all Mini, Junior and Senior races are rolling starts.

Points are awarded in the following sequences:

Heats – 1st 32, 2nd 30, 3rd 28, 4th 27, 5th 26 etc

Finals – 1st 55, 2nd 52, 3rd 50, 4th 48, 5th 47 etc


At race weekends, there will be full catering on site along which is one less thing for drivers and their teams to think about.  The Kart Republic café serves a great selection of quality, hot and cold food and beverages. And all at affordable prices.

You can also reserve a tarmac paddock space with 24hour electric hook up. To reserve your bay for an upcoming race, head to the link below:

To check out the WSKC racing calendar click the link below:

For more specific information regarding the rules and regulations, head to the links below:

Our 2023 information will be released soon.

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