Following the Annual General Meeting in November the WSKC Committee have decided to implement the proposal of controlling of Slick/All Weather Tyres for Bambino & Cadet for 2020.

At Round 1 all entries to the Club Championship in ALL Cadet & Bambino classes will be ordered a set of tyres at RRP.

Bambinos will use the same set of Le Conts for all 6 rounds – approx. 192 laps and sealed between rounds (Tyre Bag supplied by competitor).

Cadets will get 1 set supplied at RRP (prices as of 25/01/2020 below) every 2 rounds – they will also be sealed in Tyre Bags after each meeting (supplied by the competitor) between rounds 1&2, 3&4, 5&6.

Current Le Cont MSUK Bambino Price: £139.08** Competitors will pay RRP at the time of purchase

Current SL3 MSUK Tyre Price: £141.55** Competitors will pay RRP at the time of purchase

Tyre Bag cost if not supplied by competitor: £12.00

Payment can be made by Card or Cash (please have correct change) – Card payment receipts are by email only.

Tyre inflation and tyre changing equipment will be available on-site – Tyres can be swapped by the Chief/Eligibility Scrutineers at their discretion. Tyre’s will be checked for contamination and treatment and the competitor will remain responsible for any adverse findings by way of non-compliance with the rules and regulations set out in the Motorsport UK regulations and the Club/Club Championship Regulations all of which can be found on our website under Forms & Regs. Clarification can be sought from the Chief Scrutineer on the day or by emailing

Our 2023 information will be released soon.

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